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New Additions to AC Web Shop

November 4th, 2011

We’re updating the AC web shop with Fall items from Rising Sun, Leather Head Sports, Saint James and Columbiaknit. Check out our Columbiaknit cotton caps in new colorways. And by popular demand, we’re bringing in a new logo-neutral Cooperstown Ball Cap in our favorite color, navy blue. Stay tuned for updates on more items coming to the AC shop including Individualized shirts and a from-the-archives, machine knit wool scarf.

Rising Sun Outdoor Vest Restock (indigo and new tan canvas duck)

Shopping from the movies: Shoot the Moon (Parker 1982)

June 24th, 2011

Some films are better watched on fast forward or reproduced as film stills. Shoot the Moon (Parker 1982) is just such a movie — playing out like an Ingmar Bergman domestic drama populated by Woody Allen characters. While we’re asked to focus on the dissolving marriage of Albert Finney and Diane Keaton, one’s eye cannot help but wander to the the family’s shared taste in classic clothing: wonderful cotton plaids, knits, woolens and jackets sourced (perhaps) from venerable brands like Barbour, Woolrich and Pendleton.

I’ve reproduced a few stills for reference:

Rugby stripes and heritage garb for kids

Knit cardigans

Plaids (and pencil sharpeners)

Barbour Solway Zipper jackets (and a fetching duffle)

Woolrich jac-shirts

Down vests
Pendleton blanket robes

Cotton knit caps

And a few a household accessories:

Rotary phones

Backyard tennis courts
Family station wagons

Shopping for Barbour from 1998/1999

July 13th, 2009


Oilskins and black waxed cotton

Long and short cuts



90s knitwear

New Barbour gent

In case you missed it, here are some product offerings from the Winter 1998/Spring 1999 Barbour catalog. In the day, these catalogs were the best means of tracking new Barbour releases (beyond the stock range of Bedales, Beauforts and Borders). Many of the more exotic items–moleskin and Bushman jackets–never made it to (my corner of the) US. So, it was always fun to see non-stock Barbour items in cameo catalog form.

Barbour’s newfound focus on youthful/urban/non-country clothing gave rise to a few unfortunate (though brief) additions to their product range:

Vintage in ten years?

Archival Review: Filson Knitwear

March 19th, 2009

Discontinued Filson Cardigan
If I ever earn a spot on Filson’s Council for Women (an advisory and field testing group), I’d recommend that Filson introduce a line of made-in-USA knitwear for women (and slim-framed gents).

Filson currently offers only one sweater for women–the snowflake and deer patterned Cowichan.

The first installment in my knitwear collection for women would be a scaled down version of the Outfitter sweater. Although a few other US outdoor clothing companies offer a heavy duty, all wool waterfowling pullover, none match the overbuilt quality of the Filson Outfitter.

Side note: the nearest commercial match to the Outfitter sweater would be the McAlister Duration Waterfowl sweater (if you like your waxed cotton in an Advantage Camo pattern) or the McAlister Duration 3-button version (at $149.00, an attractive option for an austerity shopper in the standard S-XXXL size range).

In addition to bringing out a new women’s Outfitter sweater, I’d reintroduce a modernized version of Filson’s (discontinued) worsted wool cardigan. My updated version would have an overall slimmer fit with narrower sleeves (no balloon arms), shorter body length (avoiding the bathrobe effect) and a much higher buttoning neck (no deep V-neck cardigans for me) . I’d also remove the suede shooting patches or swap them out for waxed cotton. The final sweater might look something like this:

Although many commercial knitting mills have gone out of business in the Northwest, I’m optimistic that Filson is still having their US-made sweaters manufactured in the region. Out of curiosity, does anyone know who does the contract knitting for Filson?

Visual addendum for Filson:

Archival Knitwear: Rivendell Cycling Sweaters

February 23rd, 2009
Button-up neck (for on-bike temperature regulation)
Rear carrying pocket

Long sleeved version (photographed during mixte test ride at RBW)
Rivendell Bicycle Works used to sell a wonderful derby tweed sweater which they referred to as a long sleeved cycling jersey. The knit sweaters/jerseys were made by the British knitwear firm Outdoor Knitwear/Woolyback. They came in several different styles including a crew neck, a “polo shirt” version and a sleeveless vest. I own the vest and regret not purchasing a long sleeved, crewneck jersey (preferably, the crewneck). The wool for my vest is super durable, never pills, and come in a nice, timeless seafoam green color. Here’s a link to the original blurb from the Rivendell website. Don’t bother the kind folks at Rivendell about available stock. I believe the sweaters sold out several years ago although I have an archival petition in to bring them back (progress pending?). What I like about the Riv jerseys (beyond wool type and generic styling) is how well they integrate cycling or use-specific functionality (a rear carrying pocket and button up neck) into an everyday garment (making it equally appropriate for indoor-outdoor wear).

Wooly Warm garment tag and derby tweed wool close-up

Please email me photos of your Rivendell Wooly Warm sweaters, wool tops or jerseys. I’d like to post a full “catalog” of images of discontinued Wooly Warm woolens.
For interested parties, Rivendell just released issue # 41 of the Rivendell Reader (available for free download as a pdf file).

Archival News: Brittany Boutique Sale

January 20th, 2009
Bachi hat

St James Meridien

St James Matelot

St James Contenin

St James Binic

Sailcloth smock

Sailor trousers for women

Espadrilles (for men and women)

For those wishing to embellish their “nautical grunge” look, the Brittany Boutique, my favorite French source for affordable, stylish nautical clothing (namely, St James Pont style sweaters), is having a sale. Super limited availability, as far as I can tell.

Archival Cruelty: S.N.S X CDG

January 11th, 2009

Thanks to blogger Ready For The House for introducing me to Danish knitwear brand, SNS-Herning. As an addendum to last Friday’s post, I’m including SNS-Herning to my inventory of luxury knitwear I might buy if I needed to drop my life savings in twenty minutes or so.

After browsing the SNS-Herning site (w/a coincidental resemblance to Old Town Clothing), I’ve selected out a few sweater styles–the Fishermans Zip and the Naval–for inclusion in the permanent archives.

Expanding my shopping options, I’m adding a few special edition SNS-Herning sweaters designed in collaboration with Comme Des Garcons (as sold by the Tres Bien Shop).   
Although I was able to collect out SNS-Herning image content for the blog, the sweaters themselves appear to be sold out in most color and size options.   

Shopping from Japan: William Lockie knitwear

December 17th, 2008


Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

If only in my dreams, I’m giving up on Eugene Holiday Market shopping and ordering up William Lockie luxury knitwear from my favorite online Japanese web shop, Explorer Import Select.

A snippet of the Lockie sweater’s product description, courtesy Google Translate:

Shetland have a limited life expectancy leg hair like lamb’s wool and wool is less specific tingling, smooth finish and easy to wear.