Shopping From The Present

New release – Archival Kerchiefs

We’re pleased to announce the release of our second round of Archival Kerchiefs. We’ve updated the original Archival pattern (by a few dots) and tweaked the kerchief’s overall dimensions (reducing the size down to 19″ x 19″). We’ve also added yellow to the colormix for a little Fall brightness. Kerchiefs are discharge printed on high …

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Shopping From the Past

Archival Kerchiefs

(hankies above are from the highly-endorsed DISCHARGE STYLE) Handkerchief, bandanna, hankie, or kerchief. Whatever you call it, it’s essential. I keep one with me all the time, for nose-blowing, glasses cleaning, a rag for when your bicycle chain drops, tying things, bundling things, a headband, or, in the woods, as a sieve (try it – …

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