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New release – Archival Kerchiefs

We’re pleased to announce the release of our second round of Archival Kerchiefs. We’ve updated the original Archival pattern (by a few dots) and tweaked the kerchief’s overall dimensions (reducing the size down to 19″ x 19″). We’ve also added yellow to the colormix for a little Fall brightness. Kerchiefs are discharge printed on high quality, cotton linen. For more info, visit the Archival web shop. Thanks PDX gents Jordan Sayler (Winn Perry) and Patrick Long (Chester Wallace) for their in situ neckerchief modeling.

2014-09-20 04.21.49
2014-09-20 02.24.14
Kerchief Pair StyledKerchief  Navy Square Duo Hi Res Styling Rolltop

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