Archival Pocket Knives

A.C. endorsed Opinel (Tom’s model) Discontinued Victorinox (L.L.’s current pocket folder) I’ve been shopping for another knife ever since I saw a gent in Seattle cutting leather straps with a self sharpened Randall’s Adventure knife. Unauthorized obsession Tom and Sara both say NO to a jungle survival knife. Admittedly, I’m not sure what I would …

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Shopping From The Present

Packing for the Apocalypse : Ibex and Opinels

Ibex Thin Woolies Crew (for Women) Ibex Striped Zip-Neck (for women) Opinel Traditional Folding Knife Customized Opinel (uploaded from this flickr set) Post-apocalyptic picnic During the winter months, I console myself by watching some of my favorite post-apocalyptic films. Stanley Kramer’s On The Beach (with the amazing cast of Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Anthony Perkins …

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