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Packing for the Apocalypse : Ibex and Opinels

Opinel Traditional Folding Knife

Customized Opinel (uploaded from this flickr set)

During the winter months, I console myself by watching some of my favorite post-apocalyptic films. Stanley Kramer’s On The Beach (with the amazing cast of Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Anthony Perkins and Fred Astaire) is always the first one to be screened (followed by Children of Men and crossover genre film, Alphaville).

Inspired by these films, I prepare a mental packing list for the apocalypse (items and objects I’d could carry on my bicycle while living on a stashed supply of summer sausage and aged cheeses).

Aside from the expected, tin cloth exterior layer and lace-up ankle boots (brand TBA), I would include at least three to five thin wool shirts (in crewneck and zip-neck styles) which I could wear alone or in crazy, mismatched layers.  Though Devold and Rivendell sell terrific, pure new wool baselayers, I’d go with Ibex since they offer their shirts in a classic heathered grey, and in a striped version, in sizes for men and women.

Until I receive paramilitary/outdoor survivalist training, I’d also pack along my No. 3 Opinel picnic knife.

10 thoughts on “Packing for the Apocalypse : Ibex and Opinels”

  1. My favorite post apocalyptic movies are the Mad Max trilogy, A Boy and His Dog- a good adaptation of a great Harlan Ellison story featuring a young Don Johnson and Blood of Heroes, with Rutger Hauer and Joan Chen.

  2. I’m thinking merino underthings, some tin up top, Wesco Jobmasters, my trusty horn-handled Lagioule & my single-shot H&R 12 gauge.

    Zombies hate shotguns.

  3. Opinels are teriffic knives. Especially at the price. Economy, culture, class and function all in one package. My favorite French knife is the Laguiole, though.

  4. Our late friend and realtor, Jacquie Bonner, advised to never buy clothing w/out pockets. I shall now interpret her sartorial advice as the first rule of the new apocalyptic dress code. My addendum: no cargo pockets on pants or pockets on sleeves. I’m still on the fence about safari jackets..

  5. Ahahah I love that!! I always ask myself that question: what would I pack if I had only 3 minutes! I guess western/military wear: denim shirt, pecos, leather vest, rocky mountain parka, reverse sateen fatigue… minimum stitchs and buttons, sturdy fabrics!

    As a frenchman, I can only second Opinel and saucisson; although Opinel blade tends to rust easily. I’d tak my trust Leathermann.

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