Catalog scan of Filson duckbill caps
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Duckbill Review

Duck Hunting in Utah Original Filson duckbill offerings A duckbill cap was the first item I ever purchased from CC Filson. A decade ago, you could buy a Filson duckbill cap in tin cloth, shelter cloth, cotton poplin or wool. Filson even offered a short billed model (my personal favorite). The original duckbill version was …

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Shopping From The Movies

Shopping from David Mamet: Hunting Suits

Apparently, I missed the news that filmmaker David Mamet started his own line of vintage inspired, outdoor clothing in 1999 under the Joseph Morse Company label. Here’s what I learned from the Cambridge Companion to David Mamet: Perhaps Mamet should have waited a decade to launch his clothing brand. Per earlier blog posts, I remain …

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Shopping from Mamet: State and Main (2000)

Barbour Beacon (?) Factory Seconds (Filson?) Filson Duckbill Hat & Aussie Oilskin Jacket (make?) Plain Wool Jacket (Labonville?) Truckload of Hunting World luggage Khaki Cotton Hunting Vest (make?) Wool Engineer’s Jacket (make?) Filson Duffle (foreground) Woolrich Railroad Vest Barbour Beacon (?) and Moleskin Jackets (discontinued) Wool Shooting Jacket (make?) Classic Knitwear Nine years before the …

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