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Archival in Tokyo

April 2nd, 2015

Pop Up Portland

We’re thrilled to announce that Archival will be participating in Pop Up PDX in Tokyo sponsored by the Portland Development Commission on April 20-24.  Archival will be one of eight brands exhibiting in Tokyo as part of a larger trade mission to promote business between the two cities.  If you live or are visiting Tokyo, drop by and visit the Archival booth at the lovely Macch Ecute venue.  If you are a Japanese distributor or store interested in working with a Archival, email to set up an appointment.

Shopping From Tokyo: Custom Handlebar Bag

July 15th, 2007

Dear Ms.Larson
I am sorry to late reply.
Your e-mail give us the shock not a little.

We had considered your opinion.
We try to make a new model less leather.
There is no information about size in five e-mail on June 22th.
We need detail what you want bag about size.
And we decide to make size in our imagination.
Decaleur of “Velo Orange” is out of stock.
On the web shop,the sign reads “not available”.
In our photo,decaleur is “Berthou”.
But we will make some holes any brand,some advice give us real scale
hole position.

But there is one thing to do not accept.
Cotton duck No.6 of our product material is thik than your admire brands.
This material is fine cotton weaved KURASHIKI IN OKAYAMA PREFECTURE JAPAN.
Also waxed water-repllent cloth,but the wax has been lost as time goes by.
Although the firm texture do not through the rain easier.
The hard rain through inside each hole of machine stitch.
Also the hard rain give some stain vegetable tanned leather.
Basically we like this cotton duck and leather to grow old.

If you have any questions,please let me know.
Tomoko Watanabe

Frocks I might wear: Rakuten Explorer

September 23rd, 2006

I take most of my fashion cues from Japanese websites (which show a circular fascination for US outdoor clothing companies like CC Filson, Duluth Pack, Centralia Woolen Mills and Russell Footwear)(further, exhibiting on their pages sportwear brands which do not actually exist in the US or for which items are produced exclusively for the Japanese market).

So, today, with highspeed internet intact, I’m starting to search out possible dress or frock styles which I could believably wear on campus. I doubt I could order any of these items from Japan but I might be able to secure a patternmaker to do up some sort of localized version–maybe out of a stiff canvas, corduroy or burlap material. Key feature here is the garment’s ability to button up over an existing outfit–making it more utility based and easy to escape if the shame of wearing it became too great.