Frocks I might wear: Rakuten Explorer

I take most of my fashion cues from Japanese websites (which show a circular fascination for US outdoor clothing companies like CC Filson, Duluth Pack, Centralia Woolen Mills and Russell Footwear)(further, exhibiting on their pages sportwear brands which do not actually exist in the US or for which items are produced exclusively for the Japanese market).

So, today, with highspeed internet intact, I’m starting to search out possible dress or frock styles which I could believably wear on campus. I doubt I could order any of these items from Japan but I might be able to secure a patternmaker to do up some sort of localized version–maybe out of a stiff canvas, corduroy or burlap material. Key feature here is the garment’s ability to button up over an existing outfit–making it more utility based and easy to escape if the shame of wearing it became too great.

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