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Archival Hop Harvest

July 11th, 2013

Here’s an exemplary snap of summer work togs from the OSU Archives flickr set, Hop On, Brewing and Beer.  The caption of the image is Coeds with Hoes.  I’m going to shop from this photo for my upcoming trip the UK.  Look for me in London wearing slant stripes, head kerchiefs, rolled trousers and hop covered loafers.  Unsure whether TSA will permit hoe portage past Eugene security.

Archival Permanent – PDX

May 23rd, 2013

In Randonneuring, a perm is a permanent route you can schedule to ride at any time. On Saturday, I rode Michal Young’s scenic Alsea 200k loop with several friends from the Oregon Randonneurs. On Sunday, I dragged my friend Bruce up to Portland for what I would consider my favorite Archival shopping perm.  The loop starts somewhere around Eye Styles, migrates over to Little Tee for lunch followed by gabbing and gawking at Blake, coffee at Barista, more aspirational shopping at Lizard Lounge and than a post meal retreat to Cinema 21. Though I rarely make purchases on my perm, I  consistently catch and release the same evidential photos: Japanese eyewear, FWK Engineered Garments, heritage footwear,  denim and print ephemera from the movies.  Contact me if you wish to recreate my route.  I will provide you with a start time, a list of controls and a few informational questions to confirm that you followed the correct route.   Here is some evidence of participation from my weekend:

Theo taking a white line nap next to his lovely MAP custom 
Vanilla and Map randos outside John Boy’s Alsea Mercantile (via Theo Elliot)
Our rando mob (photo by Asta C.)
Bruce modeling Barton Perreira…
  …matching suede green Quoddy mocs
Croque Madame at Little Tee
Sport footwear check: Oak Street and Arche
Aspirational FWK at Blake
  A rare patch from the Jantzen swimwear company
Sam’s Yuketen boots 
Spot watch check: a Filson rep’s Marathon chronograph
Neil sampling frites and cidre at Irving Kitchen
Mildred Pierce at Cinema 21

New Release: Archival Striped Tee for Women

July 12th, 2012

Our popular Archival tee shirts are now available for women. These tees are made from the same high quality US-made fabric, with the same popular features as our men’s tees:

Sturdy and soft 7 oz. cotton jersey
Chain-stitched jersey neck tape
Cover-stitched collar and sleeve seams
Double needle sewn hems

We’ve added two details on our women’s model: reinforced 2″ side vents for freedom of movement and a proportional neckline using narrow rib trim.

Our tees are built to withstand the rigors of daily use and regular washing without stretching or developing the small pin holes typical of lighter weight garments. These tees will last season to season, maintaining their color, their shape and their quality.

Color: Natural / Navy / Red stripe

Limited quantities available. Try one and send us your thoughts. We hope to introduce more heritage clothing for women in the future.

Archival Stripes: Columbiaknit Tees

May 4th, 2011

Archival Clothing loves stripes. We love striped sweaters, shirts, jackets, caps and scarves. On any given day, we might be wearing multiple, mixed stripe layers in a single ensemble. While we stock Saint James nautical tops from France, we wanted to produce our own striped shirts in the USA.

This Spring, we’re offering new striped cotton crewneck tees in short and long sleeve styles. Like our scarves, the shirts are produced for us by Columbiaknit, a Portland (Oregon) company who has been making sturdy cotton garments since 1921. The new shirts are made of a terrific, stout yet soft cotton jersey with chain-stitched neck tape, cover-stitched collar seam, and double needle sewn hem. The tees boast a perfect fit – slim, but not tight, designed by our friend Jordan Sayler of Winn Perry. We’re offering a generous size range from XS to XL to fit both men and women.

The shirts pair well with our new striped Columbiaknit scarves.