Archival Stripes: Columbiaknit Tees

Archival Clothing loves stripes. We love striped sweaters, shirts, jackets, caps and scarves. On any given day, we might be wearing multiple, mixed stripe layers in a single ensemble. While we stock Saint James nautical tops from France, we wanted to produce our own striped shirts in the USA.

This Spring, we’re offering new striped cotton crewneck tees in short and long sleeve styles. Like our scarves, the shirts are produced for us by Columbiaknit, a Portland (Oregon) company who has been making sturdy cotton garments since 1921. The new shirts are made of a terrific, stout yet soft cotton jersey with chain-stitched neck tape, cover-stitched collar seam, and double needle sewn hem. The tees boast a perfect fit – slim, but not tight, designed by our friend Jordan Sayler of Winn Perry. We’re offering a generous size range from XS to XL to fit both men and women.

The shirts pair well with our new striped Columbiaknit scarves.

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