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Archival Field Trip – Winn Perry (revisited)

May 28th, 2014

To my delight, Jordan Sayler has reopened Winn Perry, his sharply curated menswear shop in Portland. This weekend I caught up with Jordan and took some snaps of his new space. Archival has a special relationship with Jordan as he was our first brick and mortar stockist.  I loved visiting visiting Jordan’s original shop in the historic Ford building in SE Portland.  Here is where I first learned about emerging heritage brands like SNS Herning, Wings + Horns, Our Legacy and Billykirk and others.  And like other Alden pilgrims, I would stop to admire Jordan’s latest Alden SMUs (the best in the biz imho).  I’m still carrying a torch for his Alden Workman’s Oxford.  Jordan is carrying Aldens again in his new shop  along with best quality menswear basics including Apolis trousers, Individualized shirts, Vetra work jackets, LVC Levi’s 501s and a special line of beautiful, English bridle leather belts.   The shop also has on offer a variety of pocket carries, shoe care kits, reading material and grooming supplies (a blind spot in my optic).  My own purchases for the day included a pair of made in Germany socks and a made in UK, Abbeyhorn key fob.
Jordan Clock copy
Jordan in his new space (with clocks and audio for company)

Shoulder Tote copy
Showroom mix of Apolis, Alden and Archival

Rucksack copy

Longwing copyOne of Jordan’s SMU Aldens –  reverse chamois leather longwings with a double waterloc sole

Footwear copy

Vetra copy
A handsome lineup of Vetra French work jackets and Individualized shirting

Made on the moon copy
What I love about Jordan’s shop is that it mixes more familiar brands with surprise offerings from regional designers or manufacturing partners.  Case and point are these scarves and caps by Portland based art duo, Made on the Moon.  Per Jordan, “[t]he designer here in Portland illustrated the pattern and worked with a craftsman in India to make a wood block print. The craftsman then carved the illustration into a wood block and prints the pattern on the fabrics by hand. The scarves are cut and sewn in India. For the caps the fabric was brought back to the States and cut and sewn into cap form in the USA.”

Webbing copy

Shaving Supplies

Apolis copy

Window display 2 copy

Books copy

Window display-2 copy

Archival Reissue – Alden Workman’s Oxford

December 26th, 2012

Several years ago, friend Jordan Saylor of Winn Perry offered a limited, special make up of Alden Indy shoes in a Workman Oxford style. To this day I regret not placing an order.   I love Alden Indy boots but I prefer the low cut style and double water loc sole used for Jordan’s special make ups. 

For the record, Archival customer Matt Bernier sent me some snaps of his Winn Perry sourced Alden Workman Oxfords – recently resoled with my favorite, Dainite rubber soles.   Until another Alden stockist offers a pre-order for the Indy oxfords, I’ll wishfully shop from Matt’s photographs.

Not available for sale – Alden Workman’s Oxfords (via Winn Perry)

Matt’s Aldens – recently resoled with Dainite rubber soles by B. Nelson
Beautiful red Dainite soles – via Leather Soul blog

Archival Update (8/9/2010)

August 7th, 2010

A few updates on archival projects. Tom and I went up to Portland on Friday to discuss plans for an upcoming waxed cotton jacket. We’re working with a clothing manufacturer who also makes traditional letterman jackets, vintage MLB apparel and dresses for a recent Project Runway winner.

Waxwear fabric for the prototype (not final jacket color).

Future A.C. show banner?

Since Tom is moving to New York for grad school, we’re trying to wrap up as many production issues before he departs. High on our list was our need to source zippers for our jacket and future bags. We visited the Riri rep in her home in Portland to choose our zipper size, finish and features. Later this month, Tom will make final decision about tape color at the Riri office in NYC (located, of all places, in the Empire State building).

Riri zipper samples

Lunch with Patrick

Snap view: Patrick’s studio

Prada shorts, baseball belt

Patrick (sporting our Stop Making Sense Big Tote)

A.C. flap musettes and totes available at Winn Perry

Friend Jordan was taken with a finish detail on Tom’s undershirt.

(It’s actually a laundry bag)

Please note that we continue to build St James inventory in our store. Pictured above – the unisex Navale, a slim-fitting official French Navy shirt.

Don’t forget that we have a fresh batch of Flap Musettes, now in Gray and solid Black, as well as solid black Totes.

Tom has also been working on a long-term CTS project by cutting all of the straps for our next run of Rucksacks at the A.C. headquarter’s temporary plywood workbench (sometimes assisted by our Weimaraner-in-residence).

Winn Perry x Columbiaknit

April 8th, 2010
Columbiaknit t-shirts on display

After nearly a year of work, our friend Jordan of Portland’s Winn Perry has released a collaboration with Columbiaknit. The Portland company has been making sturdy cotton garments since 1921 (including knit sweaters for LL Bean). I’m usually not one to get excited about a T-shirt, since I’m on a budget and would rather direct my funds towards a sweater or a pair of chinos. But as soon as I picked up Jordan’s pocket tee, I was hooked. It’s a terrifically stout cotton jersey, with chain-stitched neck tape, cover-stitched collar seam, double needle sewn hem, a lovely rounded pocket, and a perfect fit – slim, not tight. If you’re at all curious about a tee that isn’t gauzy-light or quick to stretch out, please contact Jordan and order one of these wonderful shirts. Made in Portland, limited edition, and only $38. I know, it’s a bit steep for a tee, but you will not regret it. For all holidays, please send a size Medium to me c/o Archival Clothing World Headquarters, Eugene, Oregon.

If, like me, you can’t afford to outfit yourself with a stack of Jordan’s tees, consider saving by shopping from the past and ordering a few Oneida tees with NO SAG NECK from Swimsuit Department.

Archival Field Trip: PDX March 2010

March 24th, 2010

Quick trip up to Portland to meet Patrick Long (Chester Wallace) and check in with our friend Jordan over at Winn Perry. We’ve been admiring Patrick’s bags from afar and wanted to share information on supply sources and manufacturing processes. Patrick toured us around his Hawthorne area studio where we works on both Chester Wallace products and original freelance illustrations. Patrick was a total delight. We’d ask him a question and then, before he could respond, we’d get distracted by something in his studio (a sample book or a photo). We’re hoping he’ll visit us in Eugene so we can finish our conversations. A favorite moment was when Patrick showed us a Chester Wallace bag prototype he had sewn 20 years ago. I love seeing historical evidence of dedication to a single design, concept or project.

Afterwards, Patrick directed us to a top notch taco cart on SE Division. In the middle of our meal, he reappeared by bike bearing two macaroon cookies he had baked that morning.

Additional visual notes from our visit to Winn Perry and the not-to-be-missed Clogmaster.

Chester Wallace studio

Archival Loafers

January 10th, 2010

by Lesli Larson

“Weejun” style loafer

Alden Penny Loafer (Cape Cod Collection)

I’ve been wearing Weejun-style loafers since I was teen. I used to buy the Bass boy’s model since I hated the low vamp on the version for women. Since Sebago left the US market, I’ve been searching for a new source for loafers that would resemble classic era Weejuns. My requirements: high vamp, quality leather, perfect fit and top quality construction. I was willing to pay more to stop the cycle of having to discard worn loafers after less than a year of wear (I really do wear these on a daily basis).

On Saturday, I visited Jordan at Winn Perry to sample a loafer that fit my shopping requirements. Jordan knew about my loafer search and suggested a beef roll penny loafer from the Cape Cod Collection–one that does not appear in the Alden print or online catalog. I should note that I continue to source my loafers from men’s collections. As readers of this blog know, it’s nearly impossible to find classic style footwear in sizes for women. I wear a women’s 8.5 but can get away with a men’s 6.5 or 6. Fortunately, Alden offers most of their shoes in sizes down to 6 (and smaller) in a range of widths. Jordan was kind enough to size my feet using a Brannock device. Now that I know my Alden size (for different lasts), I can sign up for one of his future, special edition Alden projects.

As it turns out, the Alden H410 loafers are perfect. After a little prep by my local shoe repairman (adding a protective half-sole), I’ll be testing these out as my daily drivers. Thanks to Jordan for sourcing these loafers for me. I would never have found them on my own. How important, still, is the brick and mortar store and its knowledgeable proprietor!

Alden Model H410 penny loafers

Beef roll stitching on Sebagos, vintage Sears loafers and new Aldens
From the archives

Archival Field Trip: PDX November 2009

November 15th, 2009

by Lesli Larson

My plan for Saturday was to double-check Danner Japan inventory and attend the first anniversary party for the Filson flagship store in Portland. But an unexpected, out-of-town guest rerouted our shopping itinerary more towards women’s footwear and work wardrobes (not to be confused with workwear).

Fortunately, I was able to negotiate a quick stop at Winn Perry to say hello to Jordan and see his new Alden for Winn Perry boots (the oiled leather “little tanks”). Here’s a spot inventory of some of the (not necessarily archival) items I saw on Saturday.


S.N.S-Herning knit cap
Alden plain toe boot in reverse chamois leather

plantation crepe soles with leather tips
Laura Irwin knit hats for Winn Perry

Sterlingwear pea coats

Alden longwings for Winn Perry

Oiled, double leather soles

SNS-Herning sweater (still awaiting sizing for women)

Vintage “Office Valet”

the Hill-Side selvedge chambray scarves

Pendleton reversible jacket for Opening Ceremony


Sendra from Spain (last pair in the shop)

Fiorentini + Baker (what the guest bought)

Costume National shoes (50% off)


Shawl collar proliferation

Downtown Field jacket (Barbour simulacra)

Waxed carry-all (interesting dimensions and external pocketing)


Archival Field Trip: PDX October 2009

October 31st, 2009

A few belated notes from a beginning-of-the-month (October) fieldtrip to Portland by way of the Oregon Randonneurs Bikenfest 200k (not pictured).

Sugar Cane Denim (not pictured) & Engineered Garments @ Blake

The shock of a properly fitting, size small, Filson Outfitter jacket

Custom tweed jacket @ Duchess

Billykirk leather tote @ Winn Perry

Scandanavian breakfast at Broder

Archival Report: Winn Perry Spring 09

June 3rd, 2009
Loden Dager car coat

Spring cottons

Internal snap cuff detail

Loden Dager M50 jacket

Mjolk trousers

sQuoddy chukka

Columbia Knit rugby shirts and sweaters


Common Projects and Quoddy
Our Legacy corduroy jacket

Jordan in SNS Herning cardigan

Here’s a brief, June-in-January visual update from Winn Perry in Portland, Oregon. In addition to carrying exemplary brands like Quoddy, SNS-Herning and Obedient Sons, Winn Perry sells a number of unique, Portland-made items like Columbia Knit rugby shirts and this handmade cowhide satchel by “friend Steve”.

Custom leather satchel (sold, I believe)

Here’s the Billykirk card case I purchased during my last visit:

Billykirk in Lane County (after this project)
Check the Winn Perry website for general sartorial wisdom and up-t0-date product offerings.
Looks like h(y)r collective has a new favorite store too.

Another blog report on Winn Perry and Duchess from Design*Sponge.