Archival Update (8/9/2010)

A few updates on archival projects. Tom and I went up to Portland on Friday to discuss plans for an upcoming waxed cotton jacket. We’re working with a clothing manufacturer who also makes traditional letterman jackets, vintage MLB apparel and dresses for a recent Project Runway winner.

Waxwear fabric for the prototype (not final jacket color).

Future A.C. show banner?

Since Tom is moving to New York for grad school, we’re trying to wrap up as many production issues before he departs. High on our list was our need to source zippers for our jacket and future bags. We visited the Riri rep in her home in Portland to choose our zipper size, finish and features. Later this month, Tom will make final decision about tape color at the Riri office in NYC (located, of all places, in the Empire State building).

Riri zipper samples

Lunch with Patrick

Snap view: Patrick’s studio

Prada shorts, baseball belt

Patrick (sporting our Stop Making Sense Big Tote)

A.C. flap musettes and totes available at Winn Perry

Friend Jordan was taken with a finish detail on Tom’s undershirt.

(It’s actually a laundry bag)

Please note that we continue to build St James inventory in our store. Pictured above – the unisex Navale, a slim-fitting official French Navy shirt.

Don’t forget that we have a fresh batch of Flap Musettes, now in Gray and solid Black, as well as solid black Totes.

Tom has also been working on a long-term CTS project by cutting all of the straps for our next run of Rucksacks at the A.C. headquarter’s temporary plywood workbench (sometimes assisted by our Weimaraner-in-residence).

6 thoughts on “Archival Update (8/9/2010)”

  1. Waxed cotton jacket, how exciting! Looking forward to your future posts and updates about it. The process of attempting to release products is quite stressful but very rewarding, as Katie and I are realizing, over at fifthandbrannan.com.

    good luck and keep at it!

  2. Really looking forward to the wax jacket. That one zipper looks a lot like those found on Barbour. Maybe you can find your own unique signature zipper. One that, with time, is instantly recognizable as AC wear.

    Best of luck in graduate school!

  3. Both Russell and Gokey(Orvis) make upland boots wihutot the zipper!! I cannot remember the name of the Russell boot , but the Sandanona is the Gokey boot wihutot the zipper. Hope this helps!!

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