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“Origin is Everything”: Rin Project Cycling Sweaters

February 12th, 2019

Each refresh of the Japanese cycling outfitter Rin Project site reveals a new product obsession: wool cycling sweaters, retro hairnets, knicker hose, mod coats, leather cycling shoes and Brompton compatible shoulder satchels.

My top Rin Project product pick is this cycling pullover with retro-inspired front carrying pockets and wool sourced from the UK. It reminds me of the derby tweed sweaters that Rivendell Bicycle Works used to make in the 1990s.

This is the sweater to wear during your recreation of the Tyneside endurance test.

Archival Knitwear: Rivendell Cycling Sweaters

February 23rd, 2009
Button-up neck (for on-bike temperature regulation)
Rear carrying pocket

Long sleeved version (photographed during mixte test ride at RBW)
Rivendell Bicycle Works used to sell a wonderful derby tweed sweater which they referred to as a long sleeved cycling jersey. The knit sweaters/jerseys were made by the British knitwear firm Outdoor Knitwear/Woolyback. They came in several different styles including a crew neck, a “polo shirt” version and a sleeveless vest. I own the vest and regret not purchasing a long sleeved, crewneck jersey (preferably, the crewneck). The wool for my vest is super durable, never pills, and come in a nice, timeless seafoam green color. Here’s a link to the original blurb from the Rivendell website. Don’t bother the kind folks at Rivendell about available stock. I believe the sweaters sold out several years ago although I have an archival petition in to bring them back (progress pending?). What I like about the Riv jerseys (beyond wool type and generic styling) is how well they integrate cycling or use-specific functionality (a rear carrying pocket and button up neck) into an everyday garment (making it equally appropriate for indoor-outdoor wear).

Wooly Warm garment tag and derby tweed wool close-up

Please email me photos of your Rivendell Wooly Warm sweaters, wool tops or jerseys. I’d like to post a full “catalog” of images of discontinued Wooly Warm woolens.
For interested parties, Rivendell just released issue # 41 of the Rivendell Reader (available for free download as a pdf file).