Archival Knitwear: Rivendell Cycling Sweaters

Button-up neck (for on-bike temperature regulation)
Rear carrying pocket

Long sleeved version (photographed during mixte test ride at RBW)
Rivendell Bicycle Works used to sell a wonderful derby tweed sweater which they referred to as a long sleeved cycling jersey. The knit sweaters/jerseys were made by the British knitwear firm Outdoor Knitwear/Woolyback. They came in several different styles including a crew neck, a “polo shirt” version and a sleeveless vest. I own the vest and regret not purchasing a long sleeved, crewneck jersey (preferably, the crewneck). The wool for my vest is super durable, never pills, and come in a nice, timeless seafoam green color. Here’s a link to the original blurb from the Rivendell website. Don’t bother the kind folks at Rivendell about available stock. I believe the sweaters sold out several years ago although I have an archival petition in to bring them back (progress pending?). What I like about the Riv jerseys (beyond wool type and generic styling) is how well they integrate cycling or use-specific functionality (a rear carrying pocket and button up neck) into an everyday garment (making it equally appropriate for indoor-outdoor wear).

Wooly Warm garment tag and derby tweed wool close-up

Please email me photos of your Rivendell Wooly Warm sweaters, wool tops or jerseys. I’d like to post a full “catalog” of images of discontinued Wooly Warm woolens.
For interested parties, Rivendell just released issue # 41 of the Rivendell Reader (available for free download as a pdf file).

12 thoughts on “Archival Knitwear: Rivendell Cycling Sweaters”

  1. I’m bummed they discontinued the wooly warm t-shirts– those things wear like iron. My other brands of wool tshirts are all falling apart and I was hoping to replace them with WWs.

  2. Any word back from Riv on bringing these sweater vests back?? I wish i had bought one when they had ‘em!!

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