Unpaid Spokesmodel for the Performance Wool Industry

At the last moment–Sara and I were granted to the opportunity to sport free customized all wool cycling jerseys from Portland Cyclewear for the annual Seattle-to-Portland bike ride. The catch: we had to distribute little business cards for PC each time someone inquired about our jerseys. I’m not sure whether the marketing strategy worked since most people assumed we were wearing hand-me-down duds from the golden years of cycling or one of our mothers’ prized vintage jerseys from ’77 STP ride (hey, what year is that cycling sweater from, was a typical inquiry). Nevertheless–we managed to pass out all but four of our business cards. I’m hoping this experience will lead to future gigs as an unpaid unsolicited spokesmodel for other regional garment manufacturers. I’m already dolling up some business cards and a shoulder patch for Filson outfit I plan to wear to work tomorrow.

Since I’m still shilling for my jersey, here’s the Portland Cyclewear link:


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  1. Did you have a nice birthday?

    Rachel just ran for class representative and won! She had a great speech about rabid boars running through the class if you failed to vote for her. Her speech started, “Picture a classroom without chairs, without teachers”……and it went from there


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