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Why Do the Wrong People Travel: Garb

So…we’re going to the Alsace-Lorraine region of France in June. We’ll be travelling with friends via a rental canal path tow boat (I believe those words are in the correct order). I’m now trying to assemble an appropriate, wool based, French inspired, nautical themed travel collection of clothing (think: modern day version of characters in Jean Vigo’s *L’Atlante–but in a grittier more urban version of France). I’m hoping for rain and wintery weather so I can bring a full compliment of waxed and woolen outerwear (much to the chagrin of my future travelling companions who prefer breezy linens and arm exposing singlets).

4 thoughts on “Why Do the Wrong People Travel: Garb”

  1. just wait until its raining, you’re in the middle of the river and your soggy wool sweater is hanging down to your ankles while their synthetic fibered jackets are happily protecting them from all moisture.

  2. You should really just forsake France alltogether and head for the Monsoon season in S.E. Asia. I imagine your waxed exteriors would make a delightful saree.

  3. Why fuss with all of that outerwear? Truck drivers and other hard-working people in France wear “arm exposing singlets” all year long and stay perfectly warm. The secret is a proper diet:

    – cafe breakfast: an entire baguette with butter and jam, cafe au lait with 3 or 4 lumps of sugar, and a shot of armagnac

    – roadhouse lunch: a large serving of cassoulet (or equiv, such as choucroute garni) washed down with at least 500 ML of vin rouge

    – bistro dinner: steak frite with all the trimmings, salade, another 500 ML of vin rouge, tarte tatin, fromage, cafe noir, more armagnac….

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