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Comfort Media: 1961 Barbour Catalog

Under quarantine, I’m consoled by livestreams of apartment concerts with Ceceile McLorin, free access to Met Opera broadcasts and Blossome Dearie playlists on YouTube. Soundtrack secured, I’m browsing comfort print catalog content and ephemera via Google Books, Flickr Commons and the Library of Congresss Digital archives. Beyond that, I’m turning back the clock to a time when heritage nuts actively uploaded catalog scans to personal blogs for proto-open access. Here are some of my favorite old Barbour catalog scans salvaged from Thornproof’s wonderful tumblr site. Note: many of these digital resources have disappeared. Case and point: this article from Put This On pointing to a scan of a 1983 Cable Car Clotheirs catalog. If you find these items again, please upload and re-share!

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