We’re tote bag fans and Steele Canvas basket is one of our favorite brands. We thank Andy over at Reference Library for first putting us in contact with this company. Steele Canvas has been making industrial canvas baskets, hampers, trucks and buggies since 1921. One of their clients is Brink’s Incorporated. While other companies have transitioned from canvas to synthetic carry bags, Brinks insists on using a heavy duty canvas for all their cash delivery bags. I’ve been told that one of the bag specifications for a Brink bag is that it stand up on its own.

We’ve been working with Steele to put together two different tote types for Archival Clothing. We’re drawing on t of a Brink’s bag for our own own tote designs. One tote is modification of stock Steele tote. We’re requesting that the tote be made to our dimensions in the most stout army duck available. While stock Steele bags are made from #6 duck, ours will be produced in #Army 4 (24 oz.) duck. We’re adding a simple internal pocket and requesting a handle length that will permit folks with short or long arms to comfortably carry the tote by their side. Paul at Steele has helped us develop a simple 2″ U.S. stencil to the side of the bag. We’re exploring the use of more vintage stencils for future bag productions.

U.S. stencil

Made in U.S.A. (Chelsea, MA, to be exact)

Simple inside pocket

Our second bag will be a re-issue of the original, square bottom janitor’s bag. The bag will likewise be made from #4 Army duck.

Steele Canvas Basket Janitor’s Bag

We’d also like to point out that we’re now offering our own smaller scale tote in grey waxed twill.

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