Archival Bicycles: Brevet Bikes

Canadian custom by rider/builder Nigel Press

On Friday, I head up to The Dalles, Oregon, to participate in the Oregon Randonneur’s Oregon Blue Mountains 1000k brevet. If all goes well, this will be my last brevet on The Pencil, my trusty Rivendell road bike. In September–or so–I’ll be taking delivery of a custom randonne frame by Sacha White at Vanilla Bicycles (details to follow).

Since I’m a slow randonneuse, I rarely spend time with other riders or their bikes. My only chance to bike gawk is at the beginning and end of rides where I try to grab as many reference shots as possible. Here are a few of my sample snaps.

The famous Duane Wright and his vintage Peugeot

Jack F’s vintage Motobecane
Tournesol on hotel balcony at the end of the Bremerton 400k

Robin P’s Waterford custom (note minimalist baggage)

Amy P’s Rivendell Rambouiellet

Beautiful custom by rider/builder Corey Thomspon
Steve Rex custom

Steve Rex front rack

Peg’s Pereria (rare flat repair)

My trusty Pencil (drying in Skykomish, WA)

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