Archival Alpinists

Despite criticism of flickr’s semi recent redesign, I remain loyal to this content management system for the access it provides to historic image archives.  Flickr Commons provides one search access to some terrific image collections including the the Library of Congress and the Stockholm Transport Museum.  While I prefer to browse the pages of vintage print catalogs, flickr commons is the next best access portal to arresting images from the past.  If you are willing to wade through ten thousand anonymous headshots, maritime snaps  and random scenic views, you’ll find some great material .  One note – since the individual images are rarely tagged or cataloged you must actively browse through each institution’s set to sift out the really good stuff.  My focus, of course, is vintage workwear, athletic novelties, expedition garb and examples of women wearing rugged, non feminized outdoor clothing.  Here are some favorite photos from the Nova Scotia archives by Arthur Bloomfield Dawson.
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