Archival Bicycles by Spoke Sniffer

Spoke Sniffer’s flickr photostream provides one of the best resources for visual ephemera from the golden era of cycling. Spoke Sniffer collects, or rather, salvages many of his images from eBay where content appears and disappears in a matter weeks. Alongside photographs of famous and ordinary cyclists, Spoke Sniffer documents vintage frames, bicycle parts, product packaging, antique technologies and velocouture.

Here are a few of my favorite selections from the Spoke Sniffer archives:

Fausto Coppi, Age 21

TDF Press

Marcel Jezo

Modern era Grand Bois


Brancale Hairnet

Bicycle of the future

Ideale 92 Diagonale

Vintage Sturmey Archer advert

Lyotard 45 Pedals

Touring outfits

Gnutti splined steel crank


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