Archival Shelter: Wall Tents

by Tom Bonamici

As mentioned in a prior post, Archival Clothing friend (and first-generation AC Rucksack owner) Will D. lived in a wall tent for a year. After he visited me in Brooklyn, we’ve been chatting about traditional bedrolls and other projects to kit him out for his upcoming Trackers NW courses.

Though I doubt I’d be able to install a wall tent anywhere in Brooklyn (unless someone has a secure backyard to offer…), that hasn’t stopped me from doing some hypothetical shopping. I’ve been impressed by the Davis Tent and Awning products – I’ve got to support anyone posting a strength test of their fabric using a leather worker’s clamping horse and a fish scale.

Shots from the Davis Tent Photo Gallery:

Do Not Miss this video showing the seventeen-foot long Cowboy Bedroll.

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