Archival Cadets Revisited

Military service runs in my family. My father was a colonel in the Army and my sister attended the Air Force Academy. I toyed with the idea of attending a service academy but doubted my ability to survive past the day they outfit you with your uniform. I might have reconsidered military school if I could have enrolled in the Life Photo Archive version of Sandhurst military academy. I love the bookish style and striped blazers of the Sandhurst cadets. And who wouldn’t want to spend their school days playing chess, pedaling bicycles in formation or jumping motorcycles by horseback?

3 thoughts on “Archival Cadets Revisited”

  1. sandhurst is for officer cadets – it has in its time schooled the great and the good including no small number of 3rd world dictators. these photos are wonderful and notwithstanding in my oppinion the british army remains the best dressed! but then i would say that, i’m a reservist cavalry officer with the westminster dragoons.

    thank you for this

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