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Archival Poster Announcement

by Lynn McInnes

Here’s a preview of our Archival Resolutions poster designed by friends at Ruszel Design Company in Denver and manufactured by Estey Printing Company here in Boulder, Colorado.

Tim Ruszel and I went behind the scenes at Estey to watch the press run for our posters. We met the skilled craftswomen and men who run the presses and got a friendly tour of the manufacturing facilities. Estey supports everything from full color digital printing and foil embossing to binding and specialized die cuts. The best part of the tour was seeing how Estey combines the efficiency of modern digital printing techniques with traditional Heidelberg letterpress machines for more tactile and archival effects.

AC posters ready for trimming

As part of our efforts to support US manufacturers , we will continue, whenever possible, to make all of our products locally or regionally. We enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with practitioners of traditional trades.

Many thanks to Commerce With a Conscience who first recommended that we put our Archival Clothing Resolutions into a purchasable, poster-sized format. CWAC, please enjoy a free poster on us.

Posters are now available to order ($10 includes shipping to most US-locations).

8 thoughts on “Archival Poster Announcement”

  1. Nice poster.

    I’ve enjoyed the somewhat recent fetishising of all things printing press, especially 2-6 color sheetfed offset machines. I worked as a web and sheetfed operator for 14 years and let me tell ya, its one of the most horrible jobs you can imagine. All the pretty pictures of papers and ink and machines are like (to me) pictures of the homeless – they’re interesting but you wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the camera.

    And you wouldn’t believe the shit we’d say about the art directors and the like who’d come in for press approvals.

  2. @Peteski: I’m not quite sure how you interpreted Ms. McInnes’ comments to be “fetishising” the art of offset printing. Rather, I found it to be a fair and accurate description of a long-running and successful local business. It’s too bad that the post bought on such bitter memories for you, but, in my 20 years of relationships with printers, most of them have been quite happy in their line of work and took great pride in their craft. And, while I’m sure some of them may have felt resentment towards me or my clients, the great majority of them were quite pleased to show off their skills and perfection of their work. For all those seeking printing services, it’s a good thing you’ve moved on to what I hope is a more personally gratifying occupation.

  3. LOVE it. Especially the manifesto-y list. I’m all for refashioning your own fashion. And, of course, the uniform. I find that easier in the summer somehow. At least my uniforms are fewer and in higher rotation in the summertime.

  4. I love good solid non branded( sans any identifiers of who actually made the garment) clothes. I will buy clothes only that don’t have “bumbersomebody” emblazoned across them. That is one of my clothing resolutions. Cheers to the rest of yours! I like awesome print shops too.

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