Archival Cruelty: S.N.S X CDG

Thanks to blogger Ready For The House for introducing me to Danish knitwear brand, SNS-Herning. As an addendum to last Friday’s post, I’m including SNS-Herning to my inventory of luxury knitwear I might buy if I needed to drop my life savings in twenty minutes or so.

After browsing the SNS-Herning site (w/a coincidental resemblance to Old Town Clothing), I’ve selected out a few sweater styles–the Fishermans Zip and the Naval–for inclusion in the permanent archives.

Expanding my shopping options, I’m adding a few special edition SNS-Herning sweaters designed in collaboration with Comme Des Garcons (as sold by the Tres Bien Shop).   
Although I was able to collect out SNS-Herning image content for the blog, the sweaters themselves appear to be sold out in most color and size options.   

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