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Archival Dog Collar: Danzig Bros.

Posted on: August 15th, 2011 by Lesli Larson

As a kid, despite not owning a horse, I used to mail away for equestrian supply catalogs. I would browse through the pages of bits, bridles, silks and saddles, kitting out my imaginary Man O War with a full set of racing tack. Over time, horses morphed in bicycles, but I recently found a source for dog collars and leashes made by custom thoroughbred harness goods company, Danzig Bros. I just purchased one of the Amish-made, laced leather collars for my pony sized Weimaraner, Chaz. Designed for the rigors of the track, the lace leather style collar is made from best quality bridle leather and brass hardware. The leather is hand finished and edge polished. I’ve cycled through a number of dog collars but this is the first one that actually looks like it’s going to survive our wet Oregon winters.

Chaz modeling his collar


  1. Bill on

    Hi Lesli< WOW what a great looking don & collar. Well apreciated and thank you. All the bestm Bill

  2. Anonymous on

    More pictures of Chaz! Beautiful color.

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