Archival Pre-Order: Centralia Knitwear

We’re taking pre-orders for our special issue Archival Shooting Sweater and Stripe Cardigan through August 14th. These sweaters will be made to order so if you want one, place your pre-order via the web shop by Sunday. Sweaters will be ready by the end of October. We will continue to stock the Archival Shawl Collar Cardigan in our signature multiweave and solids. If you wish to reserve a specific size, place a pre-order via the AC web shop.

Archival Shooting Sweater (made to order)

Archival Stripe Cardigan (made to order)

3 thoughts on “Archival Pre-Order: Centralia Knitwear”

  1. Hi Chris,

    They’re slimmer than the typical baggy Mr. Rogers cardigans, but not vacuum-forming whatsoever. I find they’re easy to put over a button-down shirt, but not so roomy than I can’t easily put a coat over the sweater.


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