Archival eBay: Holland & Holland game bag

I’ve always enjoyed Holland and Holland’s larky treatment of outdoor clothing and shooting accessories via aspirational scenes of country living.

My H & H catalogue collection is pretty scattered so I monitor ebay for use-case photographs of H & H bags and clothing. My favorite photos feature products removed from country estates and plopped down under the brights bulbs and white sheets of an ebay auction photo shoot.

Holland and Holland tweeds on ebay

Unless Holland & Holland is underwriting all of the historical manufacturing industries in the UK, it’s hard for me to endorse the 827.00 Buy It Now price for this recent vintage hunting bag . But I love how the auction lets me inspect, close-up, all impeccably executed design features.

Ebay auction item 220502582016 (sale price: 827.25)

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  1. H&H is the manufacturer of some of the world’s most expensive (and that is a serious understatement) rifles and shotguns. We’re talking British doubles meant for big game hunting in Africa costing more than one hundred THOUSAND dollars. And people buy them. Hell, most big game calibers above a .40 are originally H&H models.

    So when you say it’s aspirational, um, yeah. Like you need to be Madonna to ‘aspire’ to join. The rest of us are just bugs in the dirt.

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