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Shopping from Etsy – Abercrombie & Fitch

April 1st, 2013

Thanks to Jesse Thorn for forwarding along these listings for an Abercrombie & Fitch Game Bag and Travel Kit on Etsy. Although the vintage of these two bags is unknown they were most certainly manufactured by the original, New York based A & F Company.   If you feel the urge to order your own best quality travel bag, here’s a link to our reprint of the 1939 A & F catalog.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Travel Bag

Archival Game Bags

July 9th, 2012

The UK makes some of the best game bags in the world. I don’t hunt but I love this style of bag for urban portage. Like the original bike messenger bag, the game bag has a dedicated use function which keeps its design simple and free of useless complications. Most game bags only have one large carrying pocket, come in a single color and are made from best quality materials: proofed canvas, bridle leather, brass fittings and heavy duty cotton web. You won’t find organizer pockets, security zipper closures, carrying handles or plastic hardware on a classic game bag. My favorite feature, of course, that is the hand knotted game net. Originally designed for carrying bloody fowl, the net game pocket doubles as easy access point for frequently accessed (or damp) items. If Archival could locate a US source for hand knotted cotton net, we might consider integrating this feature into a future bag design. Here a few examples of UK game bags with net pockets:

Quality Gunslip

Unidentified vintage bag

Holland & Holland “luxe” game bag

Chapman Solway 16

Brady Sandringham

Vintage Brady Meadow

Rebadged Barbour bags

King of kings – discontinued Brady Scot (20″ width)

Game net protects bacon cargo from thieving Weimaraner

Shopping from Japan/UK: Quality Gunslips

February 23rd, 2011

Quality Gunslips is a UK bag brand that I know best via Japanese web shops. Per company literature, all Quality Gunslips bags are “hand-made using the highest quality British materials at our workshop in the small rural hamlet of Sarnau, Mid Wales.” Their main line of fishing and game bags are made from our favorite materials: double texture proofed cotton canvas, leather strapping, solid brass hardware and the mil spec webbings England produces without effort. The bags clearly share a familial link with other UK bag brands like Brady, Hardy, Billingham and Chapman.

Here are a few views of the Quality Gunslips Japan-only bags and their UK equivalents.

Flap tote bag (Japan)

Flap tote bag (UK)

New tote fishing canvas shoulder bag (Japan)

Marquis economy range (UK)

S Net Messenger Bag (Japan)

Game bags w/rot proof netting (UK)

Field Report: Rucksack Behind the Blind

January 17th, 2011

AC friend Will recently took his Archival Clothing Rucksack duck hunting in the Willamette Valley. We’re thrilled to see our products in the field – please forward any pictures of bags in use, the harder the better.

Until we’re producing our own Horween game carriers (for slinging dead fowl), please shop from the Brady UK catalog c.1976.

Shopping from the UK: Chapman Bags

January 12th, 2011

It’s great to see all these new Chapman special collaborations and Japan special make ups. I’ve always viewed Chapman as something of a Carhartt to Brady’s Filson. Chapman makes terrific, UK-made field bags out of what the testers at the Montgomery Ward Bureau of Standards might designate as good or “economy” quality materials. For example, the rubber lining on my older Solway game bag is starting to crack and the leather is in need of repair. Brady, on the hand, uses top quality bridle leather, solid brass hardware and mil spec webbing–components that result in a premium price. The Brady line is small and focused on a few signature styles (the Ariel, the Trout, the Gelderburn, etc). Chapman, on the other hand, offers limitless variations on classic British and Fishing styles including bags made from linen and tweed along with standard cotton canvas drill. If you cannot afford Michael Palin’s $295 Brady Geldenburn , shop from the vintage Chapman catalogs below for terrific, economical alternatives.

Price Guide

Archival English Cookery

March 31st, 2010

Those of us who cook at Archival Clothing love the classic Time Life series of world cookeries. I’ve cooked out of “The Cooking of Japan” for some time, and am hoping to soon start work on “Terrines, Pates and Galantines.” But I was recently sidelined by “The Cooking of the British Isles,” although I’m less interested in the food than in the context shots. American hunting clothing is wonderful, but there’s still a place for a bespoke tweed shooting suit.

If any butchers read this, please consider reviving the stripey apron:

Archival Gamekeepers

March 22nd, 2010

This Vivienne Westwood Paris Match photo has been in my collection of print ad ephemera for many years. I love Westwood’s refab Rules of the Game look. My main edit would be to substitute her waxed Barbour Tarras game bag for something sturdier and more stylish (see insert below).

Christine in Rules of the Game (Renoir 1939)

Here are a few historical gamekeepers who might have inspired Westwood’s ensemble.

Found Gamekeeper

Schumacher in Rules of the Game (Renoir 1939)

Dressing from the present:

Tweed Inverness Cape (ventile lined)

Haggarts tweed plus twos

A better game bag (Brady Sandringham)

Shopping From Frank Leder

January 19th, 2010

by Tom Bonamici

Of course we’re all about shopping from the past, but the magic happens when an opportunity comes around to shop successfully from the present. Somewhere in between Danny, Champion of the World, Lady Chatterley’s Lover and The Rules of the Game, I became entranced with the conflict of the gamekeeper and the poacher.

Ever since it came online, I’ve been totally stuck on Frank Leder’s POACHERS series. He’s really killing it with some of the details in this collection. Check out POACHERS at his splash page, but make sure to get into the archives, too. Hinterland: Fleisch and Hinterland: Vagabund are some of my favorites, but honestly, it’s all good.

There’s so much hunting clothing in the city that it’s refreshing to take inspiration from the poachers, who wear their city clothing in the country. When the apocalypse comes, we’ll no doubt have forgotten our Tin Cloth and Bean Boots at home. So join the Archival Clothing team on the south side of Eugene’s Spencer’s Butte: we’ll be the people bagging deer while clad in tattered tweeds and leaky brogues.

Archival eBay: Holland & Holland game bag

November 13th, 2009

I’ve always enjoyed Holland and Holland’s larky treatment of outdoor clothing and shooting accessories via aspirational scenes of country living.

My H & H catalogue collection is pretty scattered so I monitor ebay for use-case photographs of H & H bags and clothing. My favorite photos feature products removed from country estates and plopped down under the brights bulbs and white sheets of an ebay auction photo shoot.

Holland and Holland tweeds on ebay

Unless Holland & Holland is underwriting all of the historical manufacturing industries in the UK, it’s hard for me to endorse the 827.00 Buy It Now price for this recent vintage hunting bag . But I love how the auction lets me inspect, close-up, all impeccably executed design features.

Ebay auction item 220502582016 (sale price: 827.25)