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Archival Field Trip

Archival Field Trip: PDX July 2011 (Reprint)

On Friday, the AC team headed up to Portland for meetings with vendors and stockists. Most of the morning was spent at Columbiaknit where we reviewed a new garment prototype and collected fabric swatches for our reference library. After lunch at Tasty & Sons with Patrick Long, we checked in with a few more shops including Woodlands Supply Co. , Lizard Lounge and Tanner Goods. Some travel snaps below.
Thunderbird label for Japan

Jersey knitting machine

Collecting swatch samples

Sifting the deadstock archives for future scarf and rugby fabrics

Nickie sewing a garment sample

Lunch at Tasty & Sons with Patrick Long (Chester Wallace)
In transit with AC canvas duck rucksack

Cold Splinters Campfire Shorts

AC Field Bags and Rucksacks at Lizard Lounge

Danner Stumptown boot

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