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Archival Field Trip – Ross Lake

Posted on: August 6th, 2012 by Tom Bonamici
Photos by Rick Gersbach

Friend of Archival Rick and I took off last weekend for Ross and Diablo Lakes in Washington’s North Cascades. We spent a blissful three days paddling around, catching some massive bull trout, fighting headwinds, and addressing the issue of bourbon remaining in the bottle. No complaints – we had perfect weather, the scenery was incredible, and the Grumman canoe performed admirably.


  1. Ryan on

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  2. ryan on

    That looks just about perfect.

  3. Helen on


  4. randerin on

    I am headed to North Cascades NP myself next week, Tom Bon. Lovely blog post.

  5. Helen on

    I’m currently on the prowl for a sturdy freshwater rod. Any suggestions?

  6. r? on

    Hard to go wrong with a lamiglass rod.

  7. Helen on

    Will look into that. Thanks.

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