Synthetic Confession: Patagonia Nano Puff Hybrid

Given that I spent the day cycling through a heat advisory, it’s odd that I’m fixating on a Fall layering piece – the Patagonia Nano Puff Hybrid. I first spotted the NPH in a Patagonia catalog – one of the last print catalogs worth browsing. As photographed, I love the NPH’s blend of fabric types: wind blocking primaloft above with with better venting fleece below. For real outdoor use, I prefer wool to fleece, but this garment – especially in what the catalog calls “paintbrush orange” – is a visual stunner. I’ve emailed Patagonia to request a version for women. I was told that a model is in the works for Fall 2013. Let’s hope they offer it in the same colorway as the gents. And if Patagonia is taking requests, they might consider offering the jacket with a two way zip for better fit and venting.

Check out the FYi Design blog to read about the development of the NPF and to see detailed views of the garment.

If you’re a devotee of wool, but you like the look of the Nano Puff Hybrid, track down one of the original Filson Outdoorsman sweaters knit from worsted wool with reinforced, waxed cotton shoulders.

3 thoughts on “Synthetic Confession: Patagonia Nano Puff Hybrid”

  1. We have one in the house at the moment that will be a gift for a friend. It is as nice as it looks. Near perfect IMO for hiking and walking, but could use just s touch of adjustment to be cycling perfect.

  2. It’s a great concept for a garment. Hope Patagonia considers pushing the blended fabric model into other garments. And of course, I wish it were made in the USA!

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