Archival Footwear – Clog Boots

Clog traces

Probably not for the faint of heart, clog boots are the polar opposite of those ghastly five-toed shoes. I’m fond of my worry-free Muck Boots for wet and cold conditions while working or playing outside. But upon revisiting the much-missed little log cabin, I was reminded of a more archival option – the clog boot.

Archival options from Barbour (not in current line). via Thornproof.

Clogmaster boots

The Clogmaster herself – a staunch clog advocate.

Phil Howard boots with tin toe tips.

Phil Howard’s Gibson Lace.

Walkley Brogue Boot
The Walkley Farmer’s Clog (my optical favorite)
The Walkley Safety Clog

Walkley Para Boot

Jeremy Atkinson handmakes everything to order (even the wooden soles).

5 thoughts on “Archival Footwear – Clog Boots”

  1. I have lace up clog boots with iron horseshoes and hobnails on the soles and heels great fun to wear and very noisy ! haha

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