Archival Resolutions 2012

1. Decide that quality matters and pay for it. In the end, it will save you time and money.

2. Before you buy, be selective. Scrutinize items for build quality, fit, finish, functionality and lasting style. If an item is not perfect, catch and release it.

3. Do more with less. Add a few key pieces to your wardrobe and wear them until they dissolve.

4. Shop from yourself and from thrift shops. Repurpose strategic items from the past.

5. Support apparel companies that manufacture their products in the US. Buy products still proudly made in their traditional country of origin.

6. Contact manufacturers and let them know what they should offer. If you’re a woman and you love classic heritage styles, ask them to offer their products in your size.

7. Find out what products are manufactured in your region. Visit factories and publish reports.

8. Wear wool and linen year round. Experiment with summer weight woolens, and heavier linens.

9. Come up with a signature uniform. Wear it once a week.

10. Read historical newspapers and magazines. Learn about lost brands, fashions, and manufacturing traditions.

14 thoughts on “Archival Resolutions 2012”

  1. Love this idea – will have to see what brands ARE still made in the U.S. So many iconic American brands no longer are, such as Levis. I’m not sure if all of their stuff is made elsewhere now but I know a lot of it is. And L.L. Bean of all things now has many items labeled “imported” as if that is something fancy when it really means, made in China!

  2. Mauigirl: some Levis are now made in the US–the LVC stuff is, I believe (Levis vintage). The Levis Made & Crafted is a mix, with a bunch of things made in Turkey. As for LL Bean, the Bean boots are still made in Maine, but most other stuff is imported, and lots of it is from China and other nations with deep pools of exploited labor. Call the customer service line and ask the rep to check to see where the product is made. They will tell you. And if they say China, tell them to tell management that you refuse to buy it when you can still get quality American-made alternatives.

  3. I really like this list.

    Among other things, it helps encourage me to release a lot of my current catch (or repurpose those baggy sweaters and pants).

  4. I saw the resolutions andRenessere read them twice to really
    understand them! Great ideas to work from for 2012.
    I hope you guys can come to Chicago this year and see
    what is happening here.
    Dave Allen

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