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The UK makes some of the best game bags in the world. I don’t hunt but I love this style of bag for urban portage. Like the original bike messenger bag, the game bag has a dedicated use function which keeps its design simple and free of useless complications. Most game bags only have one large carrying pocket, come in a single color and are made from best quality materials: proofed canvas, bridle leather, brass fittings and heavy duty cotton web. You won’t find organizer pockets, security zipper closures, carrying handles or plastic hardware on a classic game bag. My favorite feature, of course, that is the hand knotted game net. Originally designed for carrying bloody fowl, the net game pocket doubles as easy access point for frequently accessed (or damp) items. If Archival could locate a US source for hand knotted cotton net, we might consider integrating this feature into a future bag design. Here a few examples of UK game bags with net pockets:

Quality Gunslip

Unidentified vintage bag

Holland & Holland “luxe” game bag
.Chapman Solway 16

Brady Sandringham

Vintage Brady Meadow

Rebadged Barbour bags

King of kings – discontinued Brady Scott (20″ width)

Game net protects bacon cargo from thieving Weimaraner

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