Archival Holiday Sample Sale

If you’re in Eugene, you’re welcome to stop by our offices now through December 21st to make holiday purchases and see samples, prototypes, and other goods not listed on our web store. You do have to schedule an appointment – just email info@archivalclothing and Nicole will find a time for you to come in. Hope to see you there!
Thanks to Morejohn for the original Archival illustrations..

1 thought on “Archival Holiday Sample Sale”

  1. I’m sorry I don’t live near Eugene.
    I have an Archival Dopp Kit I got on special. I love it.
    Someday I’ll get large the Archival Field bag.
    Say hi to Lynn and tell her I got to Bend on the PCT by September 1st. Saw the trail to Eugene in the Oregon wilderness and almost turned left to go shopping.
    I’ll start at the Sisters next August 15 and go all the way into Washington next time.
    Dana Law
    San Diego

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