Archival Release – Archival Zip Tote

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new Archival Zip Tote.  The Zip Tote is a favorite companion for work and travel. Our tote comes with a double sided zipper for security and easy access and a wide mouth that fits tablets and small laptops.  Made in Oregon in our favorite 18 ounce dry duck canvas that’s both durable and water-resistant. 

The Zip Tote is built from the highest quality materials including sturdy #8 cotton duck (18 oz), Horween leather, YKK zippers and mil spec webbing from the UK.  Edges are bound in waxed cotton tape and all stress points are reinforced.  Meets TSA carry-on limits.  

For more info, visit the Archival Web Shop. 

1 thought on “Archival Release – Archival Zip Tote”

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