Archival Knitwear: Devold of Norway

Devold Blue Marine sweater w/zip

Devold Blue Marine sweater w/crew neck

Devold Nansen sweater w/high neck

Devold Islender Sweater

I love the look of SNS Herning knitwear, but if you’re looking for economical Scandanavian woolens for your Polar ice-cap expedition, try Devold of Norway.

I’ve been using Devold Aquaduct baselayers for cycling for years. In colder conditions, and in the rain, I prefer wearing mattress layers of Devold plus a light wind vest. I’d rather get damp than overheat in a fully sleeved shell. Off the bike, worn with the neck unzipped over a few baselayers, the Aquaduct layers makes me feel like one of the central characters is Fanny and Alexander.

For arctic conditions, I recommend one of Devold’s Blue Marine (Blaatroie) sweaters. Worn by North Sea fisherman of some era, the blue marine sweaters are knit from pure new wool using tightly knit worsted yarns. The sweaters are super durable (non-pilling) and work well for wear under waxed cotton jackets or vests. What I like best about the Blue Marine series is that they retain their original/vintage styling save for the modern addition of a Norwegian flag patch. But here’s an example of one Devold nautical model I would not purchase from the past.

Devold Blue Marine w/zip and pockets

While I prefer shopping from the 19th century, Devold is offering a few “modern” tech woolens that I might like to try. I’m a little unsure about the overarching look of this “Optimum” hoodie but I do like the use of the grid patterning and thumb loop holes. The optimum might make a nice addition to my post-apocalyptic layering system:

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