Shopping from Tintin: Hiking Garb

Ed. note: guest post by Archival Associate and Tintin reader, Tom B.

There’s endless discussion on the genius of Tintin’s wardrobe. But let’s broaden the search. Tintin In Tibet offers some really terrific examples of hiking clothing – tennis sweaters, anoraks, plus fours, socks folded over boots. While I continue to use gaiters to keep snow out, I swear by my knickers for hiking and cross-country skiing – both my Woolrich wool and my Ibex soft shell knickers see a great deal of use during the winter. Now, has anyone found an anorak that could dodouble-duty for those seen in Tintin In Tibet?

13 thoughts on “Shopping from Tintin: Hiking Garb”

  1. Hmm, couldn’t resist this one: being a Tin Tin fan and a sucker for finding things. Over here in the UK we often call those kind of jackets Cagoules. I found a tasty, worn-in one in black or orange by an interesting British label Norsea Industries, which is available here:
    It is a little bit long and the drawstring is at the waist and not the hem. But still, Tin Tin would approve, I think.

  2. Lovely post! Perfect for a friday – the jenkins piece is nice, but the way the anoraks fold in the pictures, it’s clearly (heh) a thick, thick jersey cloth. A truly badass hoodie.

  3. This is why comics are important; they provide down to earth fashion sense, and suppy the reader with awesome catch phrases such as “hungry as a hunter” ! All hail the comic.

  4. Leslie,

    I’ve been a big Tintin fan since childhood, and it did not escape me how cool the clothes and gear in Tintin in Tibet were. They somehow capture the sense of quality and ruggedness that feels just right.



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