Archival News: Filson Portland store opening

Friend Erin and I drove up to Portland yesterday to attend the new Filson Portland store opening. I felt bad about stepping out on the Portland Outdoor Store but it was nice to actually see all the women’s items displayed in a single, nicely lit showroom space (the outdoor store only carries a few pieces from the women’s Barbour line–but no Filson for women). Erin agreed to the trip as long as she/we could take a side trip to Woodland Woolenworks in Carlton, Oregon (a scenic yet depressed town with a wine tasting room on main street). Since Woodland only sells proto-woolen products (yarn, spinning machines, slipper bottoms, loom parts, sweater buttons), I amused myself by flipping through knitting publications (some nice patterns for socks and sweaters in this book) and contemplating the success of the knit boys.

The new Filson store is located in the Pearl district. I was expecting it to be more of a high ceilinged REI type establishment with fake rock walls and baskets full of cutesy accessories. As it turns out, the space is pretty diminutive and the few Filson accessories–flasks, wallets, playing card holders–perhaps reflecting their high price point, were displayed on simple rock beds under plexiglas).

I noted the presence of two main types of shoppers: husband and wife types (one more pro-Filson than the other) or younger hipsters(who sorted of drifted in and out of the shop w/out making purchases). Erin ended up waiting for me in the upstairs leather club chairs since I pretty much wanted to try on all the size & color combination of jackets I had been browsing for the past six months in catalog form.

As it were, we did not win the hourly door prize for an (ugly!) Alaskan guide shirt. I kept expenditures low and only purchased a pair of socks (for now).

After a long search and review, I’ve settled on the following two jackets as the best of the women’s collection: the women’s Wool Timber jacket and Women’s Tin Cloth Creek jacket.

Outside the store, we spied a fellow riding a nice Paramount fixed gear bicycle who seemed to have been inspired by the Filson westernwear look: wool watch cap, nice denim top and cowboy boots.

9 thoughts on “Archival News: Filson Portland store opening”

  1. Lynne–

    On the fence about the Wine Country ride. Certainly driving through some of those towns heightened my excited about the ride.


    I really liked the look of the bags–especially the red plaid field bag. They seemed pretty durable yet lightweight (due to replacement of the heavier twill with wool). I’d still like to see Filson manufacture a lightweight rucksack–in twill or wool.

  2. My order for Filson’s medium field bag in green will be knocking at my door in just a few days. Thank you for an awesome website.

  3. b-

    Please post some photos and a review of the tweed bag once it arrives (and receives some “field” use). Excited to hear how these bags work out for everyday use.

  4. Funny. I spotted the Alaskan guide shirt in the back ground of one of your photographs and called the store to track down what model it was. After finding out it was the alaskan guide shirt i read that they were giving them away and you think its ugly. best shirt ever! cant wait to get mine.

  5. The version for women has funny little princess darts and is oddly cropped. I’m not opposed to the guide shirt pattern itself though I’d prefer the shirt in wool… Maybe I was being a little over the top in my description of the shirt as being “ugly”. What color did you select???

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