Archival News: Filson washed totes and luggage

Saw this blog notice on hyrcollective about deconstructed Filson totes and luggage being sold by Steve Alan. Not sure I really endorse this sort of for-hire weatherization, but I do like the idea of shops reinventing and customizing stock products like these iconic totes. However, if it were my annex, and I were offering a rebadged version of the Filson twill tote, I’d goop it up with ten layers of paraffin wax and add red “mended spiderweb” embroidery by Nina Katchadourian.

1 thought on “Archival News: Filson washed totes and luggage”

  1. ha…i bought a filson bag on ebay for half the price, put it through the washer & dryer twice and got the exact same result.

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