Archival OK!

OK! magazine (June 2009)

Friend Caitlin is studying abroad this summer. Her travel bag of choice was a Filson medium duffle (purchased from the flagship store in Portland, Oregon). A world weary coworker warned her that her bag would be stolen. But I’m more worried that her celeb-worthy Filson will bring her unwanted “duffle drama” in foreign airports.

For what’s its worth, the Filson bag in the OK! magazine photo is the medium duffle, not the wheeled model. In my world, duffles should be shouldered only, never dragged or rolled. I’m sure Robert Pattison would agree.

4 thoughts on “Archival OK!”

  1. was wondering about this when I saw the magazine. Pattison’s b ag looks very yellow, did they ever come in that color back in the day, or is it just aged khaki?

  2. Over the years, Filson original twill has slightly shifted in color depending on the fabric batch. That’s why I like to shop for Filson in person. Each bag is slightly different.. some being more yellow, others hedging towards tan. They DO have a new brown color as well as olive. I think some of the earlier twills tended towards yellow.


  3. Hi

    I am selling Filson in Germany to different kind of Retailers and it is always great to look at your blog.

    Phantanstic JOB

    Congratulation Fred

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