Guest Baggage: Czech Army Sling

I’ve been investigating closure solutions and historical satchel examples for my musette project. A friend of mine picked up this WWII, Czech army satchel from a local surplus store. A flickr friend noted that he liked the “random #4 stamp” and the “standing seam detail” of the body of the bag–details that don’t reproduce well when aped by modern bagmakers wishing for vintage authenticity. I love the toggle closures which seem more craft fair than military surplus. I also like the sway strap but would change the bag’s portrait orientation from vertical to landscape.

7 thoughts on “Guest Baggage: Czech Army Sling”

  1. I am starting to appreciate vertically oriented bags for walking around. They’re easier to balance over one shoulder (for me, anyway). Also, lighter is better.

  2. Great, I have one since two or three years – it was around 3€.
    The toggle closures are not really well sewn on but that’s a part of the real eastern-europe style 😉

    It is rather my weekend bag as it is just a bit too small – nevertheless very low profile.

    Like the comment above I prefer a portrait orientation – it is just
    easier to handle.

  3. I’ve got to come down in favor of horizontal — more books, more organizational space, although straps are always a problem. More weight in the bag means that even a solid wide strap will get puckered into that pocket between your neck and your shoulder.

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