Archival Outdoor Life

Summer is passing but it is not too late to bring your campsite and camp wear up to the standards of the Outdoor Life Cyclopedia (1943). Friend Dave Baker brought this amazing sporstman’s guide to our attention. It offers practical advice on everything from training gun dogs to field dressing elk. My favorite sections address how to prepare a campsite (ample use of moss, sticks, wool and canvas) and how to dress for the woods (avoid wearing threadbare business suits). Skim through the wordy instructional prose and go straight to the illustrations:

5 thoughts on “Archival Outdoor Life”

  1. Like the Boy Scout books I started with, the amount of “woodcraft” could clearcut a right fair area. We used to make those things, e.g., the “kitchen counter”, but they never seemed to look as squared away as the illustrations…sure had fun with our hatchets though

  2. Those drawings look so familiar, wonder if I have that book? Fantastic! Love the Baker tent, my Boy Scout troop had those in the 70’s.

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