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Archival Review – Tradlands Shirting

Finding heritage shirting for women is a battle. While gents can freely source classic, made in USA shirts in beautiful chambrays, ginghams and linens, women are limited to a tiny list of brands and stockists. In the past, I purchased my heritage shirting from Nepenthes in NYC or Taylor Stitch in SF. Now, we’re starting to see shirting companies like Gitman and Chimala offering expanded lines for women. Jcrew offers a few options under the unfortunate “boyfriend” moniker. Too bad the shirts are made overseas from less than durable fabrics.  Enter Tradlands, a company out of the SF area dedicated to manufacturing stylish, made in SF shirting for women. I asked Tradlands to send me one of their chambray shirts, the Clement street, for review. I’m drawn to the Tradlands shirts because they are well made and simply styled – no pleats, hour glass panels or gratuitously feminizing details. The shirt that was shipped to me was made in a lovely blue, lightweight chambray that was flecked with color.   Here are some snaps for review:






5 thoughts on “Archival Review – Tradlands Shirting”

  1. I’d love to know where you got those camp mocs, they look like exactly what I’m looking for (actually, I could probably say that about most of the female shoes I see on your blog!)

  2. Thanks, Lesli! I hadn’t thought Quoddy a possibility because the smallest men’s size is still a bit too big for me, but now I see that they say they’ll make any of their shoes in whatever size you want so now it is possible. They really do look perfect!

  3. thanks for the resources! I’ve had the same issues with these styles of shirts being too “feminine”. I _really_ detest when they have little pleats down the breasts.

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