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Release – Archival Dot Kerchiefs

 Kerchief_Red__Navy_Print_Detail_F18We’re very pleased to release our first Archival brand kerchief, since we consider a good handkerchief an everyday necessity. Use them for blowing your nose, wiping your hands, a fine furoshiki, tying things together, or just tying around your neck. Ours are a touch larger than usual, made of an excellent linen-cotton (LiCo? CoLin?) that is durable, absorbent, and quick-drying. We use a traditional sewn hem, as opposed to modern kerchiefs which often simply serge the raw edge.

The process: We source undyed linen-cotton, have it cut and sewn into blanks, have the blanks dyed, then have the dyed blanks printed. output_1LJh69We do recommend washing your kerchief once before use to even out the printed pattern, which will feel a touch rough when unwashed.

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