Archival Salvage: Filson Semi-Annual Sale

Filson Tin Waterfowl/Upland Coat

Tin Cloth Carpenter Pants
Alaskan Long John Zip-Neck

Upland Wellington Boot
Filson sent out an email today announcing a semi-annual sale. Since Filson never puts regular stock items on sale (try a web search sometime), one can assume that these “sale” items are actually going to be discontinued from the main product line (if only in oddball, big-tall sizes, or in specific colors). I’m highlighting a few sale items of note and one edition to the category Why Was It Made?

Filson Time Manager

3 thoughts on “Archival Salvage: Filson Semi-Annual Sale”

  1. This week, on-line in their sale section, I purchased a pair of Filson cavalry twill yukon pants, featuring leather trimmed pockets. Can’t wait to see them in person. LL: maybe you need an arrangement with Filson that Amazon features with their customers whereby if readers of your blog click on a Filson link embedded in your blog, you accumulate credits towards your next purchase at Filson. Something should come your way for all the free promotion you provide them.

  2. Yes, online. Side note: you might also check David Morgan, a wonderful, old timey mail order outfit near Seattle (linked as a stockist on my blog). They also carry a broader ranger of Filson “discontinued” items.

    I missed those Yukon pants.

    Scott–I’m happy to promote Filson. pro-bono, for the further health, success, wellfare of the brand. In return, I wish they’d seek out my official opinion and feedback regarding their product lines for women and dogs (I have detailed notes). I’m still waiting for my invitation to be an ex officio member of the design council for their women’s product line.

    I want someone to buy those Wellington boots. They look OK and they’re pretty reasonably priced.

    I had heard that Filson would be switching footwear vendors in the next year. Perhaps the Wellingtons are the first of many shoes/boots from the old vendor to be offered for sale on their site.

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