Guest Baggage: Mackenzie Pack

To my delight, readers keep sending in footage of customized or no-longer available outdoor fabric packs, satchels and shoulder bags. I’m going to post as many images as possible, for future reference, and to inspire current bag makers to bring back some of these lost designs. Scott H. forwarded along photographs of his robust, canvas and leather Mackenzie Mountaineering pack. Scott is the original owner of the bag, purchased, he says, in 1977 from Midwest Mountaineering in Minneapolis.  Of this bag, he writes:

Originally it had a waist belt too, but my wife cut them off: too many straps dangling in the wind. All that leather on the bottom, with the grommets, I can only think that was meant as the point to attach your crampons when not in use? I’ve searched the internet, and eBay (for five years) and have never turned anything up about this manufacturer.

If you have additional notes or comments about Mackenzie brand packs (brand history, models, catalog images, additional pack photos), please email me or post them to the blog.

4 thoughts on “Guest Baggage: Mackenzie Pack”

  1. love that bag!
    i know all are aware of army surplus..
    but sometimes they get some prototype european war gems.
    hope you get designers on the ball!

  2. This is unbelievably obscure as I’ve heard of most brands from this era. The loops at the top on the sides of the bag are to use this as a hual bag on long rock climbs. The big leather patch on the front is for crampons. I need to scour old magazine ads to see if I can turn something up. The next time I’m at Midwest Mountaineering I’ll have to see if any of the really long time employees are around and see if anyone remembers the brand.

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