Archival Update: A.C. Web Belts & Bracelets

A few updates from the AC web shop. We’re now offering our military spec cotton webbing belt in navy. We’re also bringing back the red bartacking of our original khaki belt. Cotton webbing for both belts comes from the same UK narrow fabrics mill where we source the webbing for our bags. We’re also introducing a few cuffs for casual wear: a stainless steel and rubber chain maille bracelet by a Portland craftsman and an abstract leather cuff by Billykirk.

3 thoughts on “Archival Update: A.C. Web Belts & Bracelets”

  1. @Don,
    We’re working hard on it! There have been lots of delays, including spiking cotton prices and a recalcitrant french terry loom. Hoping to have them by spring.



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