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Update – Archival Wide Web Belts in three colorways

April 1st, 2014

We love our mil-spec cotton webbing so much that we use it for our ring belts. The dense, stout weave becomes more supple with use, without ever becoming flimsy.  We now offer our Archival Wide Web Belt in three colorways: navy, tan and olive.  This is a simple, wide double-ring belt, made from 1.5″ wide webbing with two solid brass rings, and a Horween leather tab securing the end. Our signature red bar-tack finishes the belt. Made by the same folks who sew our bags in Oregon.  For more information on Archival belts in leather and cotton web, please visit the Archival Web Shop.
Shawl Collar Cardigan Navy

Belt Combo

Archival Webbing now milled in the US

March 10th, 2014

Archival is pleased to announce that our signature, military spec cotton webbing is now being milled in the US. While we love our made in UK webbing, we’ve been looking for a domestic source for several years. Unfortunately, most US narrow fabric companies have shifted manufacturing emphasis from cotton to nylon webbing. Archival prefers cotton to nylon for its traditional appearance, soft hand and durability. Over time, the dense, stout weave becomes more supple with use, without becoming flimsy. Tireless searching by Archival team members led to the discovery of a new domestic webbing source that could produce best quality, all cotton web to our Archival specifications. As a heritage bag company, we are thrilled to finally be sourcing this key component of our bags in the United States. Although you won’t notice a difference between our US and UK webbing it should be showing up on most of our bags and belts in 2014.
Archival Webbing-9 copy Archival Webbing-4 RolltopMessenger_Twill_RT_Angle_Situ Archival Shoulder Tote Cinnamon Angle  

Archival Restock – Web Belts

February 21st, 2013
We’re pleased to announced that our Spring stock of belts is now in stock.  We love our British mil-spec cotton webbing so much that we used it for our ring belt. The dense, stout weave becomes more supple with use, without ever becoming flimsy. This is a simple ring belt, made from one inch wide webbing with two solid brass rings, and horween leather tab securing the end. Our signature red bar-tack finishes the belt. Made by the same folks who sew our bags in Oregon.
Order your web belt now via our Archival Web Shop.

Shopping from the movies: On Any Sunday (1971)

February 29th, 2012

On Any Sunday (Brown 1971), the famous 1971 motorcycle documentary, has been shopped to death. Over the years, gent bloggers have obsessed over the film’s motorcycles, wax jackets, leather boots and Steve McQueen footage. Coming late to this movie, I gravitated to the section dealing with the six day international motorcycle trial in Spain. As a randonneur, I appreciate any sporting event that emphasizes endurance, durable clothing, modest rewards and an ethos of self reliance (riders must maintain their own machines during the race).

Here are a few of my favorite small details from On Any Sunday:

Red kerchief; rear snap closure pockets on jacket

Self-reliant motorcycle maintenance

Anorak and jockey goggles over eyeglasses

Cotton web strap holding the metal skid plate in place (nylon now for sure)

Stylish spectator in Spain

Pristine pit crew

Modest winner’s medallion

Mixed use trail

New Release: Archival Dopp Kit

December 15th, 2011

Archival Dopps in navy, red and dark brown

It’s important to keep your grooming products corralled when traveling, but most dopp kits end up complicated, bulky, and heavy. The Archival Dopp is simple, spacious, and folds up to nearly nothing when not full. Featuring a smooth brass zipper and a handle made of our beloved British military webbing, big enough to fit over a doorknob. Opens very wide for easy access.

The Archival Dopp is constructed from the highest quality materials: waxed canvas (10 oz), Horween leather tab, IDEAL zippers, and thread are of US origin. Webbing is sourced from the UK. All seams are bound in our own US-made waxed cotton bias tape.

Dimensions: 9.5″ x 4.5″ x 4″ (Length x Width x Height)
Zipper opening: 12.5″
Handle loop: 7.5″

Made in USA

Aerial view

Archival Update: A.C. Web Belts & Bracelets

February 9th, 2011

A few updates from the AC web shop. We’re now offering our military spec cotton webbing belt in navy. We’re also bringing back the red bartacking of our original khaki belt. Cotton webbing for both belts comes from the same UK narrow fabrics mill where we source the webbing for our bags. We’re also introducing a few cuffs for casual wear: a stainless steel and rubber chain maille bracelet by a Portland craftsman and an abstract leather cuff by Billykirk.

Shopping from the UK: Chapman Bags

January 12th, 2011

It’s great to see all these new Chapman special collaborations and Japan special make ups. I’ve always viewed Chapman as something of a Carhartt to Brady’s Filson. Chapman makes terrific, UK-made field bags out of what the testers at the Montgomery Ward Bureau of Standards might designate as good or “economy” quality materials. For example, the rubber lining on my older Solway game bag is starting to crack and the leather is in need of repair. Brady, on the hand, uses top quality bridle leather, solid brass hardware and mil spec webbing–components that result in a premium price. The Brady line is small and focused on a few signature styles (the Ariel, the Trout, the Gelderburn, etc). Chapman, on the other hand, offers limitless variations on classic British and Fishing styles including bags made from linen and tweed along with standard cotton canvas drill. If you cannot afford Michael Palin’s $295 Brady Geldenburn , shop from the vintage Chapman catalogs below for terrific, economical alternatives.

Price Guide

Archival Update: A.C. Webbing Belts in Stock

October 30th, 2010

A.C. cotton webbing belts w/new Horween leather tip.

We just took delivery of a new batch of Archival Clothing webbing belts. Our belts are sewn locally for us by the same great folks who produce our bags. This is a simple ring belt, made from a length of 1 inch wide, mil spec webbing with two solid brass rings and a new, Horween leather tip. For the new production run, we’ve added XS and XL sizes.